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TrackMate Concept

Postby Letze » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:06 am

I'm learning how to program at the moment but for things to pan out 100% it will take a wile. so let me share with you what I'm gearing up for.

I'm a beginner NASA driver and I'll be going into the Time Trials group next year so i want to log all of my events so that I'll have enough data to review my runs and improve on them. Why spend $600+ a weekend if I'm not winning right? and what better way to improve than by learning from mistakes.

most professional logging systems use a GPS, Accelerometer, and Engine Monitoring Sensors. So they log the path around the track, and report the additional data long the path. Most of these logging devices start at 400 dollars and easily exceed 1200 without cameras, the Go Pro hero is the camera of choice for most automotive enthusiasts and most of the higher dollar loggers have the ability to write the data they record directly into the video.

I hope to be able to mimic the function of some of these devices with my android phone.

Overlays are something I'm trying to figure out how to do as there is no 3 step process on this so if any one has a tip I'd love to hear it. It doesn't have to be in real time it can be post processing after the fact.

Till I can come up with a solution for that I'm working on a flash based replay system to load both the log file and video

Here's my current mock ups for the in car interface (green/pink bars indicate recording status, settings will allow for recording preferences like with or without video and the quality of video with the ability to calibrate the sensors to the phone's orientation)

Track UI (showing accelerometer data mapped pink being the latest with the dots going to white and fading to black as time passes. I plan on capturing lap time by creating a GPS beacon that when the car passes it the logger knows that that is the start and finish of a lap) * Forgive my negligence, "Entry Speed" in the Track UI is supposed to read "Top Speed"
Drift UI (The drift angle bit is a bit of math based on acceleration and orientation, this data will never be entirely accurate in the sense that it cant be 100% sure a drift has been initiated or in fact how long it was held. this would be more of a novelty really I personally don't drift but I know a group that'd be more than happy to help me test this track side to get appropriate data)
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