Request: Bearable android development engine!

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Request: Bearable android development engine!

Postby Gnybis » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:17 am

Hi, guys

Lots of people are struggling with android development, Native Android language
and eclipse IDE is not very atractive, and pleasure to write your code in. So I have request for a good
programmer to develop, new language for android. We would be thankful.

Our dreams language's, let's call it Android++, pseudocode

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class MainActivity extends Activity{
void Main(){
  device.setResolution(1024, 860);
  device.hibernate = false;
  button1 = new Button();
  progressBar1 = new ProgressBar();

void Components::button1.onClick(event e){

Or for games:

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class GameActivity extends View {
void Main (){
   device.setResolution (1024, 860);
   device.hibernate = false;
   device.changePosition = false;
void  install (){
  Image player = new Image();
  Event sequence = new Event();
  Sound jump = new Sound();
  int Player_x = 0;
  int PLayer_y = 0;
void doGameLoop(){
  while(sequence != key.ESC){
   player.draw(Player_x, Player_y);
   if(sequence == key.DOWN) {
void delete (){
  delete player, sequence, sound;

Something like Visual studio, becouse crappy cross-java compiler and code
is irritating, why google couldn't make it more simple? Hope ypu understood
that I wanted to say. :D
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