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Pressure Vessel Software

Postby gerge27 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:09 pm

Hello. I'm a mechanical engineer and i have searched for specific software for my work on android market but i could find only little software. I'd like ,if it's possible of course, a software like this . It's used to calculate the required thickness of pressure vessels according to ASME Standard, it has a large database of materials, it can calculate if a nozzle on a pressure vessel is sized correctly,it's used for heat exchangers as well. All and all it's a very good software for a mechanical engineer. Of course i don't expect to be implemented all of this in an android software right away, but if someone can start with only calculating the required thickness and to have a material database ( if it is possible to add material all the better :) ) i would certainly pay a few dollars for it and certainly there are more like me in this world.
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