Password Unlocker Bundle: Recover Various Forgotten Password

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Password Unlocker Bundle: Recover Various Forgotten Password

Postby debbyclong » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:10 am

Whether you forgot Windows password, Office password, PDF password or RAR password, you need to find some great password recovery tools to recover or reset these passwords sothat you can access the data contained in your computer, Office files, PDF files, etc. Here it’s highly recommended you to use Password Unlocker Bundle, which can help you recover various passwords.

What’s Password Unlocker Bundle?
Password Unlocker Bundle is a 14-in-1 password recovery tool that recover passwords for more than 60 file and application types. With this tool, you can reset Windows password, change SQL server sa and other user passwords, recover passwords for Office Word/Excel/PPT 1997-2003 files, retrieve passwords for RAR/ZIP arcives, PDF files, etc.

This program comes with a very simple and intuitive interface and enables you to do various password recovery jobs within a few clicks. Most important, this program uses the advanced technologies to ensure you recover passwords faster than other similar products. For Windows, MS SQL Server, IE, IM, Access, it can allows you to enjoy instant recovery when you forgot passwords for these applications and files. And GPU-acceleration and Multi-core acceleration are supported when you need to recover passwords for Office, RAR and PDF through brute-force and Dictionary attacks.

Reasons to use Password Unlocker Bundle

Reason 1. All-in-one password recovery tool
Password Unlocker Bundle integrates 14 password recovery tools into one program. With this program, you can recover any password you need, including Windows password, Office password, RAR/ZIP password, PDF password, MS SQL Server password, Access password, IM Password, IE website password.

Reason 2. Support GPU, Multi-core and SEE
This all-in-one password recovery tool recovers faster than other similar products by using its unique search algorithm and optimized SEE codes. Moreover, GPU-acceleration and Multi-core acceleration are supported for Office, RAR and PDF for significantly accelerated recovery speed.

Reason 3. Support latest versions of Windows, Office, WinRAR, etc.
With Password Unlocker Bundle, you can reset password for the latest Windows platforms like Windows 7/ 2008 server. It also can recover passwords for Office 210/2007, RAR and ZIP archives created by any program including the latest version of WinRAR.

Reason 4. Recover passwords at a low price
Software bundle is a great way to save your money. Password Unlocker Bundle is no exception. Integrating 14 tools into one, this bundle costs you no more than $100. And Password Unlocker Bundle Standard only costs you $39.95 but can reset or recover passwords for Windows, Office, RAR/ZIP, Access PDF, IM, IE.

Reset Windows Password with Password Unlocker Bundle
If you forgot Windows login password, it’s highly suggested to try Password Unlocker Bundle Standard instead of a Windows password recovery tool. This bundle includes all the features of a Windows password recovery tool. It allows you to burn a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset passwords for Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows servers. And with more $10, you can enjoy the features of other 12 password recovery tools. If you have ever purchased any product form this Password Unlcoker Bundle, you can enjoy 50% discount on it.
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