Offline Public Transportations Lookup

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Offline Public Transportations Lookup

Postby WeaslB » Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:27 pm

Started programming on Android yesterday!
I know there similar apps to this. I had one which needed a txt file with data which wasn't dynamic. Since then I want to code my better solution for this kind of app (also as a practice for me)!

The user creates an xml file which contains data about the transfers he often needs, e.g:
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route: 287
from: place01
to: place02
startTime: 12:00,12:20,12:40
endTime: 12:15,12:35,12:55
days: 1111110 //Monday -> Saturday

route: 127
from: place01
to: place03
startTime: 9:00,10:00,11:00
endTime: 10:15,11:15,11:15
days: 0000011 //Saturday,Sunday

At the start the user may select his start and destination. When no specific time/date is selected the current time/date is used. The app then looks for data which equals the users choice and shows nearest departure times.

I read the tutorial about using Android's built-in xml parser and it works very well!
My questions/problems:
    How should i structure my xml file for this task? Is there an array-like solution for the times?
    Is there a ListView or sth. like this which is suitable for displaying this data
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