Fixing problem of text's etc. deleting by themselves

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Fixing problem of text's etc. deleting by themselves

Postby Emlaha » Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:53 am

Hello and greetings everyone. After doing a Google search about this nasty problem of the phone deleting text messages and pictures and Contacts and things by itself without any warning or anything (even for Blackberry's too, good grief what a friggin' joke), and trying to find something like a developer forum that the Google people themselves are on for ideas of improving the operating system and operation of the phone, well I did find a couple, or think I did anyway. But because I wasn't sure I then tried going right to the main Google company or what I think would be anyway, and left a message there. I don't know...seems kind of lame that there isn't an outrightly-obvious place to report problems and things that need to be fixed (not just a place to report them, but an unmistakeable outrightly-obvious place).

Seems way messed up really bad that this problem is still even in the list of bugs/issues at this site just under this sentence, and people are still writing comments even though this bug/issue was first written here a long long time ago....

I just really believe in the importance of this problem being fixed. My girlfriend has been plagued by this problem by two phones -- one Blackberry-based and now an Android-based. The Google searches I had done in the hope and belief that there *must* be a way to fix this or settings being overlooked, very quickly taught me otherwise though. In a couple of the Google searches I've done, very important messages were deleted, like a woman who was being stalked or harassed and needed to keep them, and another search result was a forum posting of someone who happened to be reading over the list of messages and then just suddenly they start disappearing 'til all gone. And then there's the very special and high value that's personal and sentimental for wanting to keep messages as special or fun memories and things like that. And even if all this Google-Searching were just pre-purchase research for my own self, I wouldn't be interested in such a phone unless the problem was fixed. I know working on a project like this is far away from the more glitzy and advanced type of programming that lots of forums are about on this website, but I just really believe in the importance of this so I figured hey it can't hurt to bring it up and ask to find out how many people would be interested. And even if there is some kind of "advanced way" to fix this problem that technologically skilled and knowledgeable people are finding or able to do, I still believe in the importance of getting this fixed in the operating system since it's happening to a lot of people who simply don't have the knowledge and skill (or even the awareness).

And having found this website for Android development, what I'm doing by this message is asking in the hope that other people would also believe in the importance of getting this problem fixed and be interested enough to go to Google as a large group. I've got enough design and development in my background to understand how whacko stuff can happen and also some of what I believe are good ideas for keeping it organized for tracking down the problem spots without it being a long dragged-out process. It's been a while since I've done any actual coding so I know it's possible that my ideas might not be the best or most efficient for something so recent as an operating system that's used on a phone, but I know my ideas are at the very least a really good starting point and at least worth having a look-over since they just might be good enough after all. My ideas are in a couple paragraphs. What I also hope is that people wouldn't let the fact that Google either, doesn't care or at least maybe doesn't seem to care, to make it seem like it's not worth it to at least try, since sometimes for some things all it takes is enough people to make a loud and clear enough voice.

For anyone interested in writing a letter, since something on actual paper can have a more significant meaning than just an e-mail or message on a computer screen, here's the mailing address in California. Took me a while to find it for writing my own letter, but then I figured hey why not include it in messages posted on these forum sites to make it that much simpler in case anyone else would want to also. I think they just need to be swamped with letters, and better yet also a large enough online presence that's saying hey let's make a difference and get this problem fixed.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

And for anyone who would also want to send a message from their website, here's the website path I followed to get to the place....

  1. Google home page
  2. "More" down-arrow at the top
  3. Link "Even More" at the bottom of the list
  4. Link "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page
  5. Link "Browse our help centers" in the short paragraph in the upper-left
  6. Link "Browse More Help Centers" at the bottom of the list
  7. Section "Go Mobile", Link "Android Market Help"
  8. Section "Contact Us With Questions Or Issues", Link "Android Apps"
  9. Link "Report an Inappropriate App"
    .....I wrote a message here because I believe it's just plain a joke and very inappropriate that this problem exists at all, but especially that it has existed for so long.
    What I wrote for the app & stuff is just that it's the Android Operating System and the app owner is the Android Operating System Creators, stuff like that.

What follows are my ideas for getting this problem fixed (or rather, "my idea" since it really is just one idea of the entire process). Hopefully there will be enough people interested in this problem getting fixed. And thanks also for the time of reading this message.

1. Get with the various carriers and arrange for a mass text message to be sent on some certain day, on the hour for a few hours or six or so, asking for a few hundred or so guinea pig test customers from each carrier with each type of phone that uses your Android Operating System. Or just look around these discussion forum websites and ask the site operators or moderators to post a topic thread asking for this. Most of these test customers would need to be technologically adept with skill and understanding (because of numbers 2-4 next)...and since many upon many people aren't technological guru's, you should also want some "average regular people" do this but which would mean numbers 2-4 would have to be reasonably automated and simplified. Or, since this whole process is to fix technological problems, perhaps only technologically adept people should be included, but it would depend on how automated and simplified numbers 2-4 could be made to be. To me, the most important thing to remember is that the phone is supposed to work good for anyone who has one regardless of how much or little technological skill or understanding they have, and this auto-deleting trash is a joke and nightmare. And most importantly, these test customers would need to have been recently experiencing this auto-deleting mayhem of text messages and whatever else.

2. Create a "Debug Version" of your operating system for these test customers, just like the compilers of Turbo Pascal and Turbo C and C++ of the 90's and late 80's, & more recently since those days, Borland C++, and other compilers like them, were able to create a Debug Version by the mere turning on of a setting. Or if not the whole operating system, then at least the portions that pertain to memory management and housekeeping with relation to the keeping and deleting of text messages, pictures, and whatever else is being affected by this malfunctioning android running around inside all these phones.

3. This Debug Version would need to create logs -- programmatically step-by-step logs of every line of source code as well as the pointer variables and the data variables in use by each of those lines of source code -- in all tasks that have anything to do with data/memory housekeeping pertaining to text messages and e-mail's and anything else being affected. Then, if it is found that items are being deleted and there's no log record of it, then you're already getting part of your answer by unexpected parts of the programming source code doing nasty things, and so therefore include more of the source code into the "Debugging" status when making the Debug Version.

4. Create special-purpose e-mail addresses in your system, perhaps one for each group of test customers from each carrier, or one per group of 50 or 100 test customers...or some other idea since those are merely possible examples. The logs would need to be uploaded from these test customers' phones to that address every ....... every how often? Whenever an action is done of either keeping or deleting text messages or pictures or Contacts or whatever else? Or every few hours or 12 hours? Or every 24 hours? Perhaps whenever an action is done that pertains to these items that have been getting auto-deleted, in conjunction with keeping a watch on available memory and just uploading the logs when the phone is down to a few megabytes or 10 MB or something. Ideally, there would be a variety of cases spread between the test customers -- some people with not very many messages and pictures kept on the phone, some with many, and some with very very many nearly to when the phone says it's almost maxed out....or some other combination and variety that would satisfy good thorough testing for a phone operating system that utilizes multiple memory areas (however many memory areas there are statistics given for when looking at the phone's memory information).

5. Accompanying each uploaded log from each test customer, would have to be a report from the test customer of what items were deleted, if anything, or nothing deleted, or just whatever information is helpful and pertinent (even such as settings or preferences being changed unexpectedly, or POP/SMTP behavior, or just anything and whatever, for the purpose of looking for side effects).

6. Don't have a pre-determined time of when this testing and uploading of logs will stop. Keep it going until the problems are fixed. Simply keep your eyes on the uploaded logs and do your analysis and further testing and whatever else is necessary as you are receiving the logs. Re-write the programming source code as you find the problem spots and re-compile a new Debug Version as each mid-point or breaking point is come to for these test customers to download to their phones.

7. Be on the lookout for individualized "special behavior" that could be because of side effects caused by an app or two running on just certain peoples' phones. Individualized attention should be given to these test customers to isolate and solve yet other problems, if this is feasible or appropriate anyway. Although this might be a less necessary consideration, it still seemed worthwhile to bring up here. Or, depending upon how much of a potential problem it would be for other apps to get in the way, perhaps it would be a baseline requirement for this testing period, to not have any other apps installed that have anything to do with the management and manipulation of text messages, e-mail's, and whatever else is being tested.

8. Watch the number of complaints decrease....until there are no more. And when they stop, you keep the uploading of logs going for a couple weeks or month or so, until it really is ascertained that they have, in fact, stopped. No hanky-panky laziness and blow-offishness of being satisfied after just a couple or few days of no complaints.
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