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Download content in background

Postby billhamlin » Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:44 am

I've been thinking of an application that addresses the problem of slow internet speeds. Essentially, the application would remember URLs to fetch, and would do so during the day -- or on some configured interval. This content would be available when the user wants to see it.

The background request would indicate in an HTTP header that the response can be "when available" (we can get into details of how that would be done). So the network leaks out the response when bandwidth is available.

I suppose there is a major problem in that the phone is typically "off" and so is not ready to receive this data. (Or is it? Sometimes I'll ask for a webpage and get bored waiting for the response and hit the red button, only to find that the page is there when I look a few minutes later.)

I'd be interested in any comments about this idea that anyone may have.

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