[Project]Bail Me Out (working title) Searching devs.

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[Project]Bail Me Out (working title) Searching devs.

Postby comaX » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:55 pm

Who has never needed to be helped out of a bad situation ? Stuck in a lousy party, a catastrophic date, a way-too-long diner... Examples are legions. Thanks to this App, you'll get through quite easily.

Here's a draft of what the application should be :

Concept presentation :
A discreet application that sens an invisible text to a friend so he can bail you out. The friend is told ahead that this might happen ; when it does, the friend has to call and give as excuse anything plausible and unverifiable by others that compells you to run away.

How it works :
When the App Widget is clicked, nothing happens on screen but the app sends a text to a predefined phone number. Predefined numbers are defined when installing app and validated by an incoming sms from them.

What to do :
- Widget logo and name can be chosen by the user.
- User has to define at least three numbers, can choose from contacts.
- App reads call register ; if there haven't been an incoming call from first contact after 5 (or X) minutes, then send text two second contact, etc. Reapeat.
- The call duration must be at least 10 seconds to make sure there was an actual call, and not just an attempt (in case you don't pick up the phone when called)
- There is a default text "I'm stuck in a bad situation. Bail me ASAP !". User may choose a different text to send.
- Contact validation : a text is sent to the contact to inform him of the maneuver ; the contact must reply a predefind string to validate. This ensures the contact will know what to do when receiving a bail-me text.
- Process can be deactivated by clicking again the widget : if you bailed by yourself, no need to bother your bros.

Probable permissions needed :
- Read contact list
- Read/send/delete texts
- Read call register

For doing so, I need Android developpers willing to do that for free on their free time. The app will be 100% free. I think that qualifies for GPL 3.0 licence, but I don't know much about those. I just want it to be free for users to get, modifiy, redistribute, etc.
I will also need translators for German, Spanish and Italian. I will provide French and Russian translations.

Drop me a mail if you are interested. contact.comax@gmail.com

Don't hesitate to submit ideas too.
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