Anyone remember Drakengard?

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Anyone remember Drakengard?

Postby Tripphippy » Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:17 am

I'm working on an android version of drakengard. In case you don't know what it is, drakengard was a ps2 game that was kind of like dynasty warriors with the large amount of units to fight but there was also a dragon flying part over land or in the air and a huge number of weapons each with its own unique spell. I plan on implementing the ground battles with dragon flight on ground battles but probably not the aerial dragon-only battles. Also I will probably limit the weapons to one and use a skill system or something for the spells. I'm trying to optimize the drawing system to allow for many units on screen at once but my recent tests have not been very promising. I've been using untextured tris for the most part and relying on an old ps1 technique used in final fantasy 7 of using colored verts and phong shading for the models which i thought would save rendering power due to avoiding textures but the number of tris these phones can push out seems very limited. if there are any model artists out there who want to make some really low poly models for this then please let me know. my modeling skills are zero. anyways just wondering what people think of this.
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