AndEditor - Final Year Project idea

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AndEditor - Final Year Project idea

Postby tiny » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:41 pm


I'm actually not sure is this is possible, if anyone notices any pitfalls let me know as im still writing the functional specification for the app..

Basically the initial function of the app is to be a text editor, while being a standard editor is also capable of recognising syntax for html, php, and other web languages. A secondry funtion of the editor is to be able to connect to a server via ftp or scp (whichever is easier due to the time constraints) and open files from the server to edit and save back onto the server.

Fully functioning im looking to build an app capable of making small edits to websites while on the move..

Anyone notice any holes in this or functions that are impossible? I have been looking around in vain for a way to code the ftp client..

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