Watch/Play Blu-ray 1080P Movie on Windows 8 Tablets & Phones

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Watch/Play Blu-ray 1080P Movie on Windows 8 Tablets & Phones

Postby madison768 » Tue May 14, 2013 4:05 am

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Description: This guide provides detailed instruction about how to rip and transfer Blu-ray movies for playback on Windows 8 devices, e.g. Windows 8 Tablets and Phones, so you can carry and play movie library anywhere you want to.

Since Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing, enabling its OEM partners to grab the final code and begin implementation on systems that'll be tempting you mightily starting on (or around) October 26th,2011, the very first Windows 8 Tablet Microsoft Surface was released on the same day, more and more people tend to like this complete new OS experience for reasons, speedy boot time due to the better resource allocations, innovative & dynamic desktop, improved search function, windows to go which allows users to make a copy of their OS complete with their settings, wallpapers, files and even apps, into a USB thumb drive, etc.


More and more consumers are desired to purchase Windows 8 devices, Windows 8 tablets like Surface RT Tablet, Asus Vivo Tab and Windows 8 Phones like HTC Windows Phone 8X, Nokia Lumia 822, etc. And for those who always enjoy movies and TV shows on portable devices would like to stream movies from discs to Windows 8 Tablets and Phones as well, but they might confuse and doubt if the procedure is same as before or if they require new program or converter to do the job.

This guide below helps figure out all these confusions, and make it easy to move your Blu-ray movies from discs to Windows 8 Tablets and Phones.

First of all, you need download and install Blu-ray to Windows 8 Tablets & Phones Converter. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is recommended to rip and transfer Blu-ray movies to Windows 8 Tablets and Phones for better playback performance.

Then, click “Blu-ray disc” icon to load Blu-ray movie files directly from your Blu-ray disc via the BD drive.


Thirdly, click "Format" bar, and select " Windows Phone 8 H.264 Video(*.mp4)". as target format from “Windows” pull down menu.

Tip 1: Don’t forget to select subtitle and audio track for output.

Tip 2: You are allowed to click “Settings” button and go to “Profile Settings” windows to customize the video quality by adjusting video and audio settings since the default settings in this profile is for Windows 8 Phones, and the settings in Bitrate might be a bit lower for Tablets. Adjust to 2000-3000 would get better video playback quality for your Windows 8 Tablets.


Last but not least, click “Convert” button to start converting Blu-ray movies to 1080p Windows 8 Tablets and Phones video. When finished, click “Open” button to get the resulted mp4 video. Then connect your Windows 8 devices to your computer and transfer converted movies to the Windows 8 tablets and Phones for viewing.

For people who also want to convert MKV, MTS, MPG, TS videos to Windows 8 tablets and Phones, the money-saving bundle Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is a better buy.

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