time-wasting storylines this season!

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time-wasting storylines this season!

Postby Ever47 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:03 pm

time-wasting storylines this season!

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When you break this week’s episode down, as I said, you really have 3 main things going on. 1. The Vampire Authority / Sanguinisa plans to take over the world, 2. The whole Obama / Shifter shooting storyline, and 3. The Terry / Patrick / Ifrit ridiculous smoke monster issue…… with honorable mentions to Lafayette and Pam in their scenes. As the only one that interests me out of those main 3 is the first one let’s take these in reverse order.

As we know from last week the spirit of the woman that cursed Terry and Patrick has come up with an acceptable solution to let one of them live. Well this drags on through much of the episode with Terry going off to find Patrick, who in turns decides he is going to make the first move and kidnaps Arlene and holds her hostage at Merlottes. When Terry arrives they argue, Arlene eventually stabs Patrick with a pencil (seems to be a recurring weapon in ), and then Terry gets Patrick at gunpoint on the floor. Suddenly Patrick is all about family and doing the right thing as Arlene screams frantically to shoot him. The ghost appears and tells Terry to “do the right thing” which turns out to be shooting Patrick twice in the head. This makes the ghost happy as the debt has been paid in blood and the smoke monster / iFrit thing, comes out and devours Patrick’s body leaving just a puddle of blood on the floor. Well that is a much easier clean up! And thus hopefully ends one of what has to be the most pointless, time-wasting storylines this season!
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