The visual effects and stunt work in the movie is very imp

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The visual effects and stunt work in the movie is very imp

Postby Ever47 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:31 pm

The visual effects and stunt work in the movie is very impressive, as you’d expect in a J.J. Abrams film, and offers up the kind of spectacle that almost makes you forgive the flaws elsewhere. (Almost.) But the number of climactic action sequences contained within the plot corkscrews also ts to feel exhausting, eventually pushing the audience from feeling like “things keep getting more intense!” to “seriously, shouldn’t this be over yet?” And it’s a shame, because each of the numerous action set pieces are well done and utterly enjoyable in each moment, even if they don’t hang together as any kind of coherent narrative.

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The actors also impress, despite the story problems, with Chris Pine delivering a that’s both evocative of William Shatner and far more sincere and charming than he ever was, and Karl Urban doing more than should be possible with the criminally underwritten role of Dr. “Bones” McCoy. Benedict Cumberbatch’s steely Harrison is properly compelling, but Peter Weller disappoints as Admiral Marcus, who appears at times to have wandered in from a more campy, melodramatic movie.
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