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Postby jwei512 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:43 pm

Hey everyone,

Just incase you haven't visited my still relatively new blog yet, just thought I'd make a quick pitch for it:

I've devoted the blog for code snippets, examples, and tutorials in hopes of helping developers of all levels. Again, it's still relatively new, so I only have about 20-25 posts but I've been trying to add a post every day or two.

Unfortunately, what was difficult for me to implement in my experience as a developer may not have been for you and vice versa! And so I have a new page where you can leave tutorial/example requests which I will do my best to honor in a timely manner:

So yes, please check it out and/or leave a request!

One last request - because I'm working on getting my blog out there and getting its page rank better on Google, I've been trying to establish back links to it so if you own a blog yourself and wouldn't mind adding my blog as a backlink, that'd be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
- jwei
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