Automatic dbhelper class generator

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Automatic dbhelper class generator

Postby fedepaol » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:59 pm

Well, it's not a real code snippet but..

since I found my self doing the monkey job of buildling a
sqlite helper class as suggested in many books / examples /
tutorials a couple of time , I thought it would have been funnier to write a script to automatize
this process rather than doing it by hand (again(.

So you can find the results of my efforts at

The usage is quite easy: it's a python script. You provide the
description of the tables (in java terms) in a file, and it
automatically generate the helper .java.

I don't know if something similar and probably better already exists,
I really liked trying to make this work.

The script is pretty young, so if you have any questions or issues or
suggestions please contact me.
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