where buy a nexus 7 tablet

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where buy a nexus 7 tablet

Postby tonylee5566 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:20 am

the Nexus 7 was not built to be the shiniest tablet, it was built to be THE people’s tablet. This approach becomes evident throughout the entire Android Tablets device . It crams in only what matters.

Take a tour around the physical form of the 7, and it’s more or less standard fare. 198mm x 120mm x 10.5mm, with bezels that extend further on the verticals than the sides. Reasonably slim, and one of the lightest at 340g (around two Galaxy phones, or half an iPad). The rubbery soft textured back works well, making it natural to grab the device and handle it like a paperback book. The screen is colourful and dense as expected of an IPS panel, at 1280 x 800 (216ppi) with superb viewing angles, not the best in class in any area, but I found no deficits apart from marginal backlight bleed on pure black backgrounds. The blacks stand no chance next to a Samsung S-AMOLED screen.

The textured rubberised backing feels plush and durable buy tablet pc , while affording some degree of grip. The only physical buttons on the entire device are the power and two volume buttons.
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