Two Procedures to View PowerPoint File on the Nexus 10

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Two Procedures to View PowerPoint File on the Nexus 10

Postby gary6540 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:35 am

With the expanding of Android tablet PCs, the contest in tablet device marketplace happens to be turning white hot. The battle between the Nexus 7 against iPad mini becomes the major tune in 7-inch tablet device marketplace and also the war concerning iPad with Retina display vs Nexus 10 tablet can decide the victor of big-screen tablet computer marketplace. Seeing asthe most recent tablet device published by Google Company, Nexus 10 tablet owns a 10-inch display with a resolution of "2560x1600", 5-megapixel backside digital camera and speedy Exynos 5 processor chip. With the help of the inserted NFC, Nexus 10 tablet aids end users to manage information transmit effortlessly; with long-lasting electric battery, Nexus 10 tablet ensures that end users will be able to acquire plenty of entertaining time and even using the aid of Jelly Bean, Nexus 10 tablet is able to make full use of the latest tools in Android Store. Therefore, as a tablet computer quick in running pace, remarkable in camcorder as well as advanced in operating system, Nexus 10 tablet is not just a successful media application but a reputable working companion.

"Can you recommend any simple means to enjoy PPT on Nexus 10 tablet?" Seeing as one of the most great items previously unveiled by Microsof Company, PowerPoint has acted an imperative task in people's everyday life. For clients who use Nexus 10 tablet as a working device or just an pleasurable gadget, they at all times have got to enjoy PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet. Therefore, end users really need to obtain solutions to indulge in PowerPoint Presentation on Nexus 10 tablet. At this point two solutions on seeing PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet shall be covered.

Method 1: Observe along with Document Viewer
Similar to Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus 10 tablet owns default Document Viewer installed. The Document Viewer offers consumers painless methods to play PPT file on Nexus 10 tablet. The program gets access to PowerPoint files crafted by Microsoft powerpoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 as well as PowerPoint 2013. Generally speaking, Document Viewer happens to be accessible to all PPT files. Document Viewer is actually a decent choice for users who prefer to observe PowerPoint file on Nexus 10 tablet, but a poor choice for customers who want to have fun with PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet.

Because Android 4.2 is actually not a mobile system that is able to get access to PowerPoint presentation wonderfully, Document Viewer does not help users encounter the transition effects of the presentation. Moreover, the long access time of Document Viewer has additionally made watching PPT on Nexus 10 tablet not that pleasing.

Method Two: Convert PowerPoint for Nexus 10 tablet
An achievable solution to indulge in PowerPoint file on Nexus 10 tablet with transitions, animations, songs as well as video movies retained turns out to be to switch PowerPoint to Nexus 10 tablet movie. Given that MP4 movie is usually backed by Nexus 10 tablet, buyers are able to turn the PPT file to MP4 movie for Nexus 10 tablet. Ahead of that, users are required to get a amazing PowerPoint for Nexus 10 tablet converter. To this extent, users can easily turn to Moyea PPT to Video Converter to transfer PPT file to Nexus 10 tablet movie.

Step 1: Import PPT file

Download and even launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, an application solely created to turn PowerPoint file for Nexus 10 tablet. And then open the convsersion app and click on "Add" key to import the PPT file for alteration.

The Second Step: Establish the output file

In order to watch the altered PowerPoint file on Nexus 10 tablet, customers need to turn PPT file to MP4 movie. Therefore, set the output document as MP4 movie in the menu of "Profile".

Step Three: Specify Nexus 10 tablet video

Mouse click "Settings" button in the panel to go into Profile panel where several video boundaries are usually supplied. After that transfer the PPT file to a decent Nexus 10 tablet movie utilizing these factors. For instance, fix video size as "2560x1600" and also audio codec as "AAC".

Step 4: Begin the alteration
From then on, mouse click "Start" key to commence the transformation from PPT file to Nexus 10 tablet movie. Seeing as the transformation halts, buyers are allowed to watch PPT on Nexus 10 tablet easily.
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