China First 8 inch IPS screen Android Tablet PC - Onda V811

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China First 8 inch IPS screen Android Tablet PC - Onda V811

Postby pinkbaby » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:43 am

Onda V811 dual-core Android Tablet PC is one of the first 8.0-inch IPS screen tablet PC. Looking at the world market, in fact, an 8-inch IPS screen is really rare, may be regarded as a feature of the domestic flat-panel. Relative to the 7-inch, 8-inch 4:3 ratio is more suitable for reading, display area also increased a lot, relative to the 9.7-inch large Android tablet pc added a lot of portability. Fact, I personally compare favorite for the 8-inch (so very concerned about the iPad mini, and feel 7 inch is a little small, the greater too heavy, but the biggest regret is that the 8-inch screen is 4:3 proportion does not meet the "video party" needs such as small, if the manufacturers can launch a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio of 8-inch Android tablet pc should be a lot of people like.
The 8 inch tablet pc runs Android 4.0 OS running ONDA V811, super With the brilliant, measuring 8 inches in diagonal, capacitive touch screen Display makes each individual operation of the tablet fun. The cheap Android tablet pc ONDA thrilled V811 in the deluxe version with its 1.2GHz Processor in combination with the large 1GB memory one, supports fast operation. The tablet pc has the Google Play Market including hundreds of thousands of apps available for download, with which the ONDA V811 Tablet can run smoothly and stably.
Onda V811 dual-core Android tablet pc has a wealth of entertainment features to meet your needs. 1080P format Full HD video allows you to easily watch video on the go; With the hotel WIFI network or comes with 3G network, read the news on the Internet, QQ chat or even online video; Android 4.0 system with powerful dual-core processors, so the Android tablet pc can achieve many games run smoothly. Of course, the travel, the Android tablet pc standby time have to pay attention to, Onda V811 dual-core version of "40nm ultra-low-power processors, together with PMU intelligent power regulation function, the Android tablet pc has a decent standby time and standby time of up to about 300 hours, the high-definition video and game time up to 5 hours or so, this is a lot of similar Android Tablet PC cannot reach.
Tablet PC brings more fun in my life.
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