Best Iconia Tab A200 Video Converter

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Best Iconia Tab A200 Video Converter

Postby blustina » Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:16 am

Nowadays, Iconia Tab A200 has passed through the FCC and got official status. There is no doubt that it is portable and perfect. And it’s an economical and practical device. Its function is very well, so you never need to worry about ICS can’t come to your devices if it block by manufacture. What’s more, it can bring joy to different ages of people by gaming, e-books, movies, music, photography, social networking and so on.
The device has strong mobility. This means you are able to share multimedia, read e-books and watch movies on Iconia Tab A200 anytime, anywhere. But sometimes you may encounter some questions when you watch WMV

andFLV on Iconia Tab A200. Because the device can’t support play WMV/FLV directly. How to play WMV and FLV on Iconia Tab A200? Total Video Converter for Iconia Tab A200 can help you. It can convert WMV/FLV to Iconia Tab A200 MP4, and then you will enjoy Iconia Tab A200 WMV/FLV better. Please follow these steps below.
1. Download Total Video Converter or (Video Converter for Mac). The excellent software will be convenient for you to convert WMV/FLV for Iconia Tab A200, and then you can watch WMV, FLV and other common formats movies on Iconia Tab A200.
2. Install the software and load the WMV/FLV videos to Total Video Converter.
3. Click the profile column and choose Android> Android MP4 Video (*.mp4) for output. This format is perfectly supported by Iconia Tab A200.

4. You can click settings to adjust the output parameters as you want. You can set the resolution as 1280*800, it’s the same as the screen’s definition.
5. Edit function is very useful and convenient. You can use these features below.
6. Click convert to start. CUDA and AMD acceleration is also supported by the Iconia Tab A200 video converter.
When the conversion finished, you just need to put videos or movies on Iconia Tab A200, then you can play WMV/FLV videos on Iconia Tab A200 anytime, anywhere.
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