iPhone SMS Recovery to Restore lost SMS on iPhone

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iPhone SMS Recovery to Restore lost SMS on iPhone

Postby xiamenld » Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:03 am

If you often use your iPhone to send or receive messages, all the SMS messages are on your iPhone, once your iPhone was lost or stolen,how to recover lost iPhone text messages? After update your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S to iOS 7 cause lost SMS, how to recover iPhone SMS from iPhone iOS ? Even if the device is crashed, smashed or broken, any way to recover lost SMS messages on iPhone, you may have the habit of deleted useless text messages regularly. In this situation, If you happened to come across this situation, you may be interested in the following use guide about recover iPhone SMS messages no matter lost or deleted.

Is it possible to recover deleted/lost messages from iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPhone 5S?

Tips: To recover lost SMS from iPhone, thee are two ways for you get lost text messages back, the first way is recovering iPhone sms directly from ios device; the second way is recover iPhone SMS after factory settings restore without iTunes,next,I teach you the first way to recover iPhone SMS:

Step1: Run software on computer and connect iPhone
Run the software and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Then our software will automatically show it on the Devices list.

Step2: Import SMS from iTunes backup to local database
1) Click the Local Database list icon.
2) Go File -> Import SMS from iTunes Backup to Local Database.

Step3:Select one iTunes backup info
Choose an iTunes backup in the list and then click Confirm to continue.

Step4: Select a database to save messages
Select a database to save messages. Or simply enter a new database name to ceate a new database. Click Confirm to continue.

The second way to recover iPhone SMS from iTunes backup Files:

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