CreativeLIVE - Jen Rozenbaum - Building a Successful Boudoir

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CreativeLIVE - Jen Rozenbaum - Building a Successful Boudoir

Postby kaka1000 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:48 am

CreativeLIVE - Jen Rozenbaum - Building a Successful Boudoir Business (2013)
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Genre: eLearning

Boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum didn't let anything stand in her way when starting her business. She started shooting in her bedroom and built a profitable career from there. Join Jen for three days as she teaches you how to put the "HOT" in photography™! She will show you step by step how she builds an amazing high-end experience for her clients, from the first contact to the final portfolio. Learn how to take your posing to the next level and make your clients look even more beautiful. If you are new to boudoir, or already have a thriving boudoir business, you don't want to miss this.

Jen Rozenbaum is the eye, talent and force behind Jenerations, NY's Premier Boudoir Photography Studio. Her artistic background lends an almost sixth sense when it comes to the aesthetics of boudoir photography, which is just half the reason for her extraordinary success. In just 3.5 years, Jenerations has found a burgeoning audience in the market for women's photography, due largely in part to Rozenbaum’s magnetic personality and her unique ability to make women feel beautiful, confident and strong. Her clients are her biggest supporters, having gone through what they describe as ‘a life changing experience’ after seeing the results of their portrait session. “They feel stronger, they feel gorgeous and most importantly, they had fun!” says Rozenbaum. Empowering women with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty is the inspiration and motivation behind Jenerations.

Session 1 February 14, 2013
Day 1 Pre-Show
9:00 am - Starting a Boudoir Business
10:45 am - Finding Clients
11:30 am - Pricing Your Work
1:00 pm - Pre-Shoot Consultations
1:30 pm - Secrets to a High End Experience
2:30 pm - Lessons in Lingerie
Day 1 Wrap-Up

Session 2 February 15, 2013
Day 2 Pre-Show
9:00 am - Posing Basics
10:00 am - Avoiding Common Posing Mistakes
10:30 am - More Posing Basics
12:45 pm - Shoot: Posing Basics at Work
2:15 pm - Shoot: Advanced Posing
Day 2 Wrap-Up

Session 3 February 16, 2013
Day 3 Pre-Show
9:00 am - Concepts for Stylized Shooting
10:00 am - Models and Preparing for Stylized Shoots
10:45 am - Stylized Shoot: Sarah
11:15 am - Stylized Shoot: Smoke and Fabric
1:00 pm - Post-Production
2:00 pm - Sales Sessions
Thanks + Credits
3:00 pm - Challenges in Boudoir
3:30 pm - Student Hurdles to Success
Day 3 Wrap-Up

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