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Tutorials concerning the OpenGL® ES cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on the Google-Android platform.

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1844 when the foundations of the present church were laid.

Other Attractions

Kanyuyan Beach & Port

luarte Bay, Basco). The port of call of the cargo ships bringing goods from Manila.

Sitio Jura at Racujaide
.Cheap Newport Cigarettes WholesaleThe fishermens village at Mananoy Bay. Fishing season is marked by a festival in mid-March called Payvanuvanuan during which visitors are treated with fresh fish delicacies from the Pacific Ocean. W.ithin the area is the legendary spring of Youth and a living cave with crystal limestone formations. Mananoy Bay is nine kilometers fro

m Basco proper.

Batanes Day (June 26)
Marked with playground demonstrations, parades, .Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesalethe Palu-palo Festival, and other cultural events.

Feast of Three Kings (January 6)
On this day, the image of the Sto. Nino (Holy Child).[url=cheapnewportcigarettesoutlets.com]Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url] is venerated in every home in Batanes.

Ruins of Songsong
A ghost barangay which is really a cluster of roofless shells of old stone houses aban.doned after a tidal wave that hit the island of Batan in the 1950s. The area has a long stretch of beach. Located 23 kilometers from Basco.

Radiwan Point
Located at Ivana Seaport, this is the landing site of the Katipuneros .[url="http://www.cheapnewportcigarettesoutlets.com" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url] on September 18, 1898, thus making it a very historical location. The falowas plying the islands of Sabtang and Itb.[url="http://www.cheapnewportcigarettesoutlets.com" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url] ayat are also stationed here.

Other Places of interest in Batanes:
House of Dakay (1887) a UNESCO heritage.[url="http://www.cheapusacigarettes.com" title="Newport Cigarettes Wholesale"]Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url] building.
Lighthouses of Batanes
St. Dominic de Guzman Parish Cathedral
Mt. Iraya - A 1008-meter mountain on.[url="http://www.salebestcigarettes.com" title="Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes"]Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url] Batan Island.
Mahatao View Deck
Burial Caves - Pre-historic

burial caves in the town of Itbayat.
Sumhao Wind P.[url="http://www.cheapusacigarettes.com" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]ower Plant
Nakaboang Beach, Ark & Cave
Beaches - Chadpidan Beach, White Beach and more.
Payaman - .[url="http://www.salebestcigarettes.com" title="Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale"]Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]known as "Marlboro Country

", a pasture overlooking farm fields & the Pacific Ocean.

Accommodations in Batane.s
With the emergent interest in this part of the country, regular visitors to Batanes have witnessed a marked improvement in the available accommoda

tions. There are also additional places to stay, which goes to saying that Ba.alisa131017 tanes has truly emerged as a top Philippine destination. Most travelers to Batanes stay in pension- or lodge-type accommodations. which are plentiful in the area. These places are very inexpensive, clean, well-maintained, and are near the top attractions of the area. Most of these pension

houses are even installing wi-fi for their tech-savvy lodgers. More luxurious accommodations are also available, as Batanes aims to cater to every type of tourist and vacationer.

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