Using GLSurfaceView and OpenGL ES

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Using GLSurfaceView and OpenGL ES

Postby Wulazaga » Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:23 am


I've been working with Android for awhile now, and I understand how to use SurfaceView to draw 2D stuff. I'm now looking into using draw_texture extension to draw textures.

I currently have a class setup which subclasses GLSurfaceView, and I'm not sure how I'm suppose to use this GLSurfaceView which is suppose to manage an EGL display. Do I need to get an EGL Context? EGL Display? What does the GLWrapper do? I can't seem to find an example on using GLSurfaceView. I've been looking at this : ...

which uses a SurfaceView and then creates a whole bunch of classes for drawing in OpenGL. It lacks certain commenting on some parts... :(

I'm not quite sure how this OpenGl thing works. From what I understand, you have to load the textures, and then swap buffers to draw to the screen. Is this right? Also, I'm not quite sure how GL is suppose to work with EGL. It looks like it's mEgl.eglSwapBuffers(mEglDisplay, mEglSurface); how does EGL know what to draw? Through the wrapper?

Thanks for the help!
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