run GLSurfaceView twice

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run GLSurfaceView twice

Postby humankim1 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:51 am

I want to run GLSurfaceView again while it's running like followings.

GLSurfaceView glView;
setRenderer(new GLSurfaceView.Renderer());

and then, I tried to stop Renderer and created "glView" and run "setRenderer" again.

so I called "glView.onPause()" to stop GLThread.
And I made glView (new GLSurfaceView) and run setRenderer() again.

But, second rendering thread didn't work properly.

Anyway I don't want to use glView.onResume() because I wanted to create glView-object again.

How can I kill glView or Renderer() perfectly?
(If my activity did not finish, is there no way to kill it?)

Thank you.
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