noob opengl question

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noob opengl question

Postby joethecoder » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:38 pm

this should be simple to answer, suppose i have a point drawn in 3d space at 0,0,0
now suppose I want to rotate the point calling open gl's built in routines for rotation which is homogeneous. Then the only parameter I pass in is a flag for the axis and an angle of rotation. After the rotation the point is now moved from 0,0,0 to a new location. So here is my dumb question.

If I need to perform collision detection and check for closeness to the camera for the point, then it seems I need to track the point location, so how do I get the new point location after a rotation.

PS: My exact issue is that I have a cube that is made of 4 faces and I want to highlight the face closest to the camera.

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