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Tutorials concerning the OpenGL® ES cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on the Google-Android platform.

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Silph Co. has distributed a pamphlet containing information on TMs and HMs, indicating they are, at least partially, developed or produced by the company.

Mutually-compatible TMs (such as Flamethrower from a father T.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleyphlosion to a baby Torchic) will also be passed down through breeding, though prior to Generation V there were several Pokmon that could only learn certain moves contained in TMs via breeding, .such as Vulpix with Energy Ball.

The depiction of TMs has changed over time. In the TCG, they are shown as small boxes that the Pok Ball would be inserted into, but from FireRed and LeafGreen onwards, they have been d.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleepicted as discs that are inserted into the TM Case and the case i

tself teaches the Pokmon the move. Thus, the one-use nature of the TMs prior .Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleto Generation V can be seen as analogous to

DVDs that destroy themselves after use.

For the in-game locations of TMs, see List of TM and. HM locations.

Generation I featured 50 TMs with an additional five HMs

. Move Tutors in FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald teach several of the moves that were removed from the TM list between Generation I and Genera.[url="" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url] tion III.

Generation II introduced several new TMs, a majority of which were new moves introduced in.[url="" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url] this generation. There remained 50 TMs, as some Generation I TMs were removed. Se

veral moves that we.[url="" title="Newport Cigarettes Wholesale"]Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url] re contained in TMs in Generation II but were no longer contained within TMs during Generation III can be t.[url="" title="Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes"]Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url] aught by a Move Tutor in Pokmon Emerald.

In Generation III, more moves were introduced, and the TM list was .[url="" title="Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale"]Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]again adjusted. The 50-TM limit remained, and several older moves became TMsincluding some that l.[url="" title="Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale"]Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]ost their TM status between Generations I and II.

Due to the connectivity with the Generation III, the 50-TM list was not redone in Generation IV. To include new moves and incorporate older moves as TMs, the TM list was expanded from 50 to 92, leaving the first 50 TMs intact. With the eight HMs, the number of machi.alisa131020 ne-learnable moves in Generation IV was at an even 100.

In Generation V, TMs have changed from being single-us.e items to having infinite uses, making them akin to HMs. However, unlike HMs, TMs can be forgotten without the help of a Move Deleter. In addition, when a Pokmon forgets a move in order to learn from a TM, the move learned with a TM takes on the current PP of the move replaced by the new move. This is to prevent repeated usage of TMs for the purpose of PP restoration. The prices of the buyable TMs are also much higher, and they can no longer be held or sold. The number of TMs was expanded once again from 92 to 95. However, many of the 92 T

Ms found in Generation IV contain different moves. As there are only six HMs, there are 101 machine-learnable moves normally available in Generation V.

Though technically not TMs, some moves can only be obtained via a Move Tutor: a non-player character who teaches the desired move to a single Pokmon. Oft

en, these moves are moves which were formerly contained in TMs. They first appeared in Crystal, where outside of the Goldenrod City Game Corner a man would teach a compatible Pokmon Flamethrower, Ice Beam, or Thunderbolt for 4000 coins on certain days of the week.

This was continued in FireRed and LeafGreen, where Trainers could encounter NPC
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