Multiline surfaceView.drawText

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Multiline surfaceView.drawText

Postby lamellama » Mon May 02, 2011 6:10 pm

I have been using surfaceview classes drawtext function but was surprised it only supports drawing a single line and I thought I'd share my solution, I have not included the entire class but hopefully it is not too hard to follow.

It works by looping through each word and checking if that words width fits within the defined boundary if not it counts the current number of characters for that line and starts the next.

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         mText = new String("Balls are not to be played with");
         mTextSize = 25;
         mPaintWhiteText = new Paint();
         mTextWidths = new float[mText.length()];
         mPaintWhiteText.getTextWidths(mText, mTextWidths);

         float lineWidthCount = 0;
         mLineCount = 1;
         mLineCharacterCount[0] = 0;
         float wordWidth = 0;
         int i, j;

         for(i=0 ; i < mText.length(); i++){
            j = i;
            while((!mText.regionMatches(j, " ", 0, 1))&&(j < mText.length())){
               lineWidthCount += mTextWidths[j];
            if(lineWidthCount >= RightTextBoundary){
               mLineCharacterCount[mLineCount] = i;
               lineWidthCount = 0;
               mLineCharacterCount[mLineCount] = j;
               i = j;
         mLineCharacterCount[mLineCount] =  mText.length();

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public void draw(Canvas c){
   for(int i = 0; i < mLineCount ; i++){
      c.drawText(mText, mLineCharacterCount[i], mLineCharacterCount[i+1], mWidth, mTextSize+(mTextSize*i), mPaintWhiteText);
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Re: Multiline surfaceView.drawText

Postby ekremk » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:21 pm

@Freshman what is the type of mLineCharacterCount?
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