how to draw a simple 2D shape according to compass data

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how to draw a simple 2D shape according to compass data

Postby vudin » Sun May 16, 2010 1:09 am

Hello to everyone;

I am trying to develop an application based on compass and camera surface. In the application there will be a camera preview and I want to draw a rectangle and text on this preview. When user turns the device aroun him, there will be rectangles showing the main directions. In other words; there must be 4 rectangles on North, West, South and East. When user turns the camera, he can see the rectangles in their directions (according to azimuth value).

Now I am able to get the azimuth value and I am able to draw a rectangle. But how can I make this rectangle moving according to azimuth value?

Can anyone help me?

I hope I could explain my problem in a good way, sorry about my English..
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