Three Breathtaking Features on HTC One

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Three Breathtaking Features on HTC One

Postby Rosaura1234 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:57 am

In February, HTC took the curtain down and released its brand-new flagship mobile phone - the HTC One, which is a product that earlier referred to as a HTC M7. It is said that this splendid mobile phone will likely be heading to shelves packing many amazing features which includes a 1080p display, full metal design, quad-core processor and Android Jelly Bean further this month.

Feature One: Ultrapixel camera
HTC has outfitted the HTC One with an Ultrapixel camera that it boasts can be a great advancement over some other cell phones in the marketplace including the iPhone 5's 8MP camera. The particular HTC One includes the larger pixel size for far better light capture in conjunction with an optical image stabilization mechanism permitting for far better low light images without the need to work with a flash. HTC is dedicated to supplying the finest quality camera obtainable, thus even everyday images are gratifying and remarkable.

Feature Two: Dual-membrane MEMS microphones for taking fantastic sound
HTC sets out how the HTC One will be an ideal mobile phone for these not only looking to seize gorgeous sound, but fantastic sound as well. The HTC One, with its built-in "dual-membrane" microphones aims to put a stop to weak sound quality in areas just like concerts. The HTC One features dual-membrane MEMS microphones and each is dependant on a certain task. One membrane concentrates on high sensitivity and the other is dependant on high sound pressure. When they are aligned, they create one sound which not merely helps to reduce background noises, but in addition produces a sharper sound, something that concertgoers can appreciate.

Feature Three: Video player
Video playback characteristic has long been HTC's spotlight, this time HTC One features a huge 4.7-inch HD display together with the top screen resolutions 1080p previously noticed on a mobile phone. Images are crisp and distinct when you download YouTube videos to HTC One for entertainment. Run by a built-in high-performing 1.7GHz quad-core processor, this forthcoming mobile phone assures you quick movie playback with no hiccups at all. Furthermore, a prolonged 2300mAh battery power is icing on the cake to offer you the ultra-long video playback.

Below let's focus on How to put YouTube video to HTC One for entertainment:
Frankly speaking, it is advisable to head for a qualified HTC One YouTube Downloader which will help you finish the work in a super easy way. Currently just follow my below tutorial to do the project.

1. To start with, it is crucial for you to get this specific downloading instrument fitted on your personal computer. Launch this system, enter YouTube video URL to address bar or keying video key terms in the search box to find target video. Simply click "Save as" to start with the conversion mission in the appearing dialogue box.

2. When you enter into Convert Settings frame right after hitting "Save as" tab, start file format list and pick HTC One compatible formats, say MP4, for converting. Do parameter settings if needed.

3. Click the big Convert button on the bottom right of the "Convert Settings" panel to put YouTube video to HTC One .

When the total process is fully gone, go ahead and shift YouTube video to HTC One and you will embrace a great video feast. Enjoy it! HTC has undoubtedly grabbed every person's focus with the One, and it can be the hottest top-of-the-line Android mobile phone that will come shortly.
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