Textures all the same. First run per installation.

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Textures all the same. First run per installation.

Postby millerni456 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:01 am

Hello I've came across an unusual error.

I'm making a game for Android and when I install my application to my AVD emulator, all the loaded textures (which should be different) all render the same.

For example, I have a menu when buttons. Each button will render a different texture when called to render.
However all the buttons use the SAME texture.

After closing the program and re-running it (without a re-installation), the textures work as planned. :s

Some things to point out...

I make the Activity.getResources a static variable so texture loading is simplified.
Also, when rendering textures, my VBO Squares (just an object that will render as a VBO)
the square will bind the texture if it is not null. It does this each time it wants to render.

So I loop through rendering and each square (button) will bind a unique texture.

Any Ideas as to what could be wrong? I'm just looking for possible areas to check to debug. I will probably not post any code because there is a lot. :p

Thanks in advance!
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