Screen Filter for brightness

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Screen Filter for brightness

Postby muntos » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:22 pm

Hello everybody, new to this forum, here is my last atempt to get help, I have looked for more than 2 weeks for a hint, a right direction without luck
So, I want to implement a screen brightness filter that allows you to lower (or to emulate) your brightness even more than the minimum values that the systems allows you.
So imagine that you set your brightness level to minimum but you still find the brightness to high so you would like to lower it even more. Useful on Super AMOLED screens , or at night.

Such filter is implemented in this application:
Another example could be here, but not modifing the color, just the brightness : ... nd-profit/

Hope someone could help me with a hint how to implement such thing.
Thank you
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