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Rotate MapView

Postby harmjanr » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:49 am


I made a custom View: MyMapView which extends MapView. When I press a button from my app, I want to rotate the mapView. So I made a method onDraw with @Override annotation. I set a breakpoint in the onDraw method. When I press the button of the app, the breakpoint is hit and the map rotates. But when I press continue in the debugger, the breakpoint hits again and the map rotates back. Do I miss something in my code..??

My onDraw code:
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public void onDraw(Canvas canvas){
     if(polyLine != null){
          canvas.rotate(45f, centerX, centerY);
     polyLine = null;

The invalidate code when I hit the button:
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The first time that the breakpoint is hit, polyLine != null. The second time, polyLine is null.
I deleted some code in the onDraw method, to make my problem more clear. So polyLine is actually used in the if(), but not shown here :)

Please help.
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