Renderer spawning threads?!

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Renderer spawning threads?!

Postby cloudjubei » Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:40 am

Hi guys,

Basically I have this problem where my renderer thread spawns of new gameThreads (logic thread).
So in my code for the renderer I have this:

public void onSurfaceCreated(GL10 gl, EGLConfig config) {

so we tell the gameView that the surface was created at the end right?
The gameView is just my class that extends GLSurfaceView.

Now in the gameView i have this:

public void surfaceReady(TextureSquares squares) {

which basically passes on graphic references to the thread, and then starts it off.

Now when I run the debugger on this, every so often the renderer spawns off a new gameThread (as in I can see that there's two threads (sometimes 3) that are doing the same thing), can someone explain why this is happening?
I thought that maybe it's due to my renderer not actually drawing anything, which is weird as well... as in I put breakpoints in the drawFrame method, and it does it like 3/4 times and after that the gameThread gets created, but nothing gets drawn on screen?
Help please :)
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