Question on how to progress

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Question on how to progress

Postby cycl0ne » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:36 pm


im absolutly new to opengl and have a small question. I want to port a game i developed on the pc to android. the whole game is a 2d dungeon crawler game. The graphics asset are about 1200 graphic files with resolutions from 64x64 upto 400x400.
Now I am a bit puzzled on how to progress in porting the game. On PC I do everything with the cpu and blit all graphics to the screen. If I would like to port to Android OpenGL ES I read that I had to put all my graphics into texture assets. But the texture assets shouldnt be bigger than 512x512 pixels. That would assume myself on holding in worst case 500 assets. Is there a performance loss on switching between the assets? In most cases I need about 90% of the graphics ready to be displayed.

Or can someone point me into another direction? I am also considering using the std graphics api of android, but it seems to lack some functions i need (dimming the graphics as an example and fast mirroring).

Thanks in advance
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