OpenGL ES 2.0 Texture Atlas example?

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OpenGL ES 2.0 Texture Atlas example?

Postby Faded9 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:47 pm

Hey everyone, I have been working on a simple project to familiarize myself with OpenGL ES 2.0, and it's gone pretty good in general, but I seem to have hit a spot that is poorly documented for beginners. Basically, I want to utilize a texture atlas, and I want to use multiple images from that texture atlas on a single triangle strip.

I am able to apply any part of the image to the strip as I want, but I have not found any decent code examples of how to place multiple parts of that image onto the strip. I am just looking for a simple bit of code to study, but after trying a few different times I have not been able to find any.

If anybody could point me towards a good example of this, or just give me a quick run down on it, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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