OpenGL and Camera Activity keeps crashing phone?

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OpenGL and Camera Activity keeps crashing phone?

Postby woody22 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:53 am

** Sorry guys I'm new to the forum so if this topic has already been dealt with or belongs in a different part of the forum moderator please move it, I'm sorry but I'm abit stumped and don't really know where this error is coming from **

Hay I'm writing an augmented reality app, so using the camera and opengl es. My problem is after a while somethings 20 seconds sometimes longer the phone reboots. Does any one have any ideas about this. I'm struggling as all the logcat data goes as soon as the phone disconnects and as the time it happens changes there is no way of screen printing or anything like that to save the date.

Im using an HTC desire running 2.2 build number 2.10.405.2
Also the phone gets quite hots when I'm testing, this maybe because its charging off the usb at the same or is the phone overheating causing the problem. I also wondered it a memory leak or something like that, I assume because android is based on java garbage collection is taken care of, but is there a way to check that?

I'm quite new to android but am an experienced programmer on non-embedded platforms.

Any help would be fantastic!
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