one thing still the north face blue jackets

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one thing still the north face blue jackets

Postby bazhangdabuxiang » Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:51 am

No, no. Big gold teeth busy motioning with his hand, both of us don't so well diagnosis. In fact this time see you, one thing still want to Joe little brother you do me a favor. Wu evil see him smile, don't see, he plays what idea, the heart said Lao tze no money the north face black jackets no potential no beauty, theory jin call but in small money, can you help him? So ha ha a smile, this was too flattering me, can I do anything? I'm afraid you drunk weng wine! Big gold teeth embarrassedly laugh a few times, said the southerner shrewd, indeed as expected not false, see you is not that old, but also see very connect fully, to tell you the truth, this time I come, do not look for you, I'd like to see ZhangQiLing. Wu evil face once changed, hand cup a put, the dog arose, and that you're barking up the wrong tree. How right on cue will go?the north face blue jackets Little brother you don't worry, listen to me slowly and you say. Big gold teeth to see him to go, quickly to block, a boss are optimistic about him, want to find him about cooperation, I know you both have a good relationship. You don't hurry away, when to sell me a face, first listen to!. It year gold teeth to he introduced a lot of business, wu evil embarrassed true and he fall out, weigh some kind of, then nodded, listen to hear, can you into I dare not say. It is ah, business is all about up well, don't talk about which to come to business. Big gold teeth see he nodded, but also so mysterious low voice
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