Mobile Phone Data Recovery-Recover Blackberry / HTC data

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Mobile Phone Data Recovery-Recover Blackberry / HTC data

Postby qinqing » Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:14 am

Do you want to recover all your value photo,video,audio and other files in your mobile phone and Digital Carmera Memory Card?Some users don't know how to recovery lost data for (Apple products) ipone/ipad/ipod,android mobile phone and Carmera Memory Card.

A couple days ago,I accidentally deleted all photos on my Samsung Captivate phone.It was heart-breaking to lose all my precious memory! However,I did a searching in Google and found this software: Android Data Recovery

For iphone/ipod/ipad data recover:Wondershare Recovery software for iTunes

Fortunately,I got my photos back! In case that you may need mobile phone data recovery,I would like to share it with you guys here!


You can recover lost,deleted or formatted files from memory card of your mobile phone like this:

1. Do not save any new files into the memory card of your phone.
2. Connect it with computer. You should see memory card shown as a drive letter.
3. Download this software into your computer.
4. Install and open the program, select your memory drive, and click 'Start' button to start scanning process which will find your files.

Here is a tutorial teach you how to recover mobile phone lost data.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery-Recover Files from Mobile Phone

Recover iphone lost photo,video,Contact,SMS or other iphone data

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Re: Mobile Phone Data Recovery-Recover Blackberry / HTC data

Postby anniedulce » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:38 pm

This is really amazing for all Mobile Phone users because they can recovery their deleted files easily.
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