Making a Pencil stroke?

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Making a Pencil stroke?

Postby thecoolbrian » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:21 am

Ok I'm using the drawline function
canvas.drawLine(...the coordinates for the line... , renderLandscape);
( is where its from.)
and I want to make this line look like it was drawn with a colored pencil (if you played the game slice it on android I want it to look like those lines)
I would assume I could use something from here or using a bitmap that repeats its self to look like a pencil stroke
but I'm not entirely sure.

I already have everything else I want setup to make it look like a pencil
Code: Select all
  public static final Paint renderLandscape = new Paint();
        renderLandscape.setStrokeJoin(Paint.Join.ROUND ); 
        renderLandscape.setStrokeCap (Paint.Cap.ROUND);

I just don't know what to do this is not really my area please please help me. :lol: :x :( :o :mrgreen:
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