HTC One and iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

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HTC One and iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

Postby Rosaura1234 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:32 am

HTC released its hottest Google android touchscreen phone HTC One (M7) not long ago, which will be a efficient blend of style and power, however can it be able beat Apple's iPhone 5? We've compared the specifications as well as other top features of the iPhone 5 and HTC One.

Appearance: Both phones seems somewhat equivalent, aluminum is utilized for the design of the two mobile phones, which provides all of them a really strong, premium sense.

Dimensions: The HTC One is larger compared to the iPhone 5, measuring 9. 3mm at the thickest place in comparison to the iPhone 5 at 7. 6mm, however the ends of the particular HTC One narrow to just about 4. 3mm thicker. The particular HTC One is bulkier compared to iPhone 5 at 143 grams versus. the iPhone 5 with 112 grams.

Screen: The HTC One comes with a 4.7 inches screen, together with a 1080 P Hi-def image resolution, that is greater and better compared to 4 inches 1136 by 640 image resolution of the actual iPhone 5. Undoubtedly, the dimensions advantage and better resolution from the former is likely to make it more better for power customers and mobile phone lovers.

Video Enjoyment: Both first-class mobile phones all equips wide screen screens, it's better for seeing movies than any other time. The lush colour tones of the screen, joined with its foreseeable fantastic watching angles, splashes on that functional quantity of vibrancy to surprise us all from very far. Both mobile phones support MP4 file format, thus purely turning to a media converter suite , you are able to download YouTube to iPhone 5, HTC One, watch video on iPhone 5 , HTC One. This software combo also provides with outstanding DVD converting function enabling you to appreciate DVD videos, hence it is possible to watch DVD on iPhone 5 , HTC One with no restriction. So remarkable!

Camera: HTC has made a great effort regarding the HTC One Ultrapixel photographic camera, boasting that it could catch 300% moe light when compared to a common smart phone digital camera for good looking pictures and far better lower light overall performance. HTC claims that the greater pixels can catch far more light compared to 8MP cameras just like the Apple iPhone 5 employs

Processor chip: Generally, the One's Snapdragon 600 processor triumphs hands-down. Its criteria will almost certainly recognize. Apple, although, prioritizes experience over features, and it's really tough to conisder that the iPhone 5 will not blaze via iOS and many programs.

iOS: While using the HTC One and iPhone 5, the first kind is operated by Google android Jelly Bean with an all new model of Sense User interface working on the top, whilst the latter goes Apple's private iOS 6 software.

Storage and Ram: HTC overlooked a 16 Gigabyte selection, but normally flash memory space is equal. Nor device sustains microSD cards for expanding storage area. The brand-new HTC One also arrives looking great here, with twice the iPhone's 1 GB of RAM.

Power supply: HTC One provides with 2, 300mAh power supply, while Aplle iPhone 5 features 1, 440 mAh power supply, each of which offers long-time application, but the new HTC One is far more durable.

HTC has designed a superb smart phone that really really worths location in the first-class world. Whether it's any benefit than the particular iPhone 5 is a little earlier to talk about. However if you wish to get one of them to be your phone, wish our side-by-side evaluation is most significant to help make the perfect selection.
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Re: HTC One and iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

Postby Daniel Jones » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:19 am

There is no doubt that M7 is an awesome phone if we look at the hardware specifications but since android is comparatively much heavier than iOS there is not much difference between the performance of two.
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Re: HTC One and iPhone 5 Specs Comparison

Postby SwarmConnect » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:29 pm

Echoing what Daniel Jones said, for this comparison, it likely comes down mostly to personal preference.
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