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How to Deal With Computer Won't Start

Postby Lenaly » Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:54 am

I own a pc which has windows 7 and was working great all week and in many cases ran today. Each one of sudden the computer is not going to boot up in the least. After i restart laptop computer i be handed a black screen with all the basic information but never goes after dark black screen for the actual windows your computer acts enjoy it froze-up also there isn't any activity to the mouse or keyboard. I'm thinking is motherboard but i want to employ a second opinion. We have no friends around me to help me with the computer won't start up. Now , I've to find out any way just to save my pictures and music?

I have no choice but looking for the response on the web. While i begin to see the solution, an authoritative answer said, the system32 file is proof malware. It might prevent Windows from starting when that malware ceases to launch, unforunately.There are solutions to you personally to avert this problem recurring. You'll be able to replace Windows - which is highly prone to this error - which has a system in the GNU/Linux family. GNU/Linux is way more reliable, ext. A fit of dizziness came over me, it's way too hard to understand!

I couldn't locate a available solution for the windows won't start up. When I am worried, my pal Albert came to my home, after he knew on the situation, he explained he also found such issue before, and told me he can assist me. What he did is download a software called Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE, it need burn into CD/DVD,or USB flash first, then set the Bios to penetrate the application recovery windows, i then could opt for the data I'd prefer, and save in other disk except the disk C. Once i saved my data in other disc, Albert also helped me re-install my windows.

After re-install windows, I relaxed down when found I files still during my computer. Although reinstall the system has taken me a wide range of trouble, any way, I didn't lose my files.

I share my experience here, for I know such problem also will happen on many computer users. If this happen, and yourself do not know how to make the windows start normally, you need to save the files probable disappointment to get rid of first, for making loss as small as possible.
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