EmbossMaskFilter with (alpha) canvas.drawBitmap problem

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EmbossMaskFilter with (alpha) canvas.drawBitmap problem

Postby seriousmedia » Thu May 12, 2011 9:18 am

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to emboss a lot of circles on the canvas, but i dont want to emboss each circle separetly, but the entire canvas to once (overlapping circles give a different emboss-result).

The way i think it should work is:
-Draw all circles on a canvas (with a bitmap as source)
-draw the bitmap (of the canvas) to a new canvas the the embossmaskfilter effect.

The problem is that it embosses the whole bitmap (square, not ignoring the alpha values).

How should this be done (or is there an other way to do it).


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