does a canvas take the time to draw non visible items

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does a canvas take the time to draw non visible items

Postby multiplydivide » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:21 pm

is it wasteful to make a function call to draw a bitmap off the edge of a canvas, when no part of the bitmap will actually appear on the canvas?

I have a game set up which draws to a canvas, My game world is roughly double the size of the device screen, and has many small creatures/objects drawn to it... In order to draw all the objects in the game I simply iterate over the array list that contains the objects and draw them at their respected location minus the worlds offsets, regardless of if the object minus the offset is contained within the canvas's bounds... does the device even bother drawing the bitmap, or does it filter out my somewhat sloppy drawing techniques? and would it be more efficient to create a function "visible" which would tell me whether or not to draw the bitmap?
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