Convert Panasonic AVCHD to FCP X without AVCCAM Importer Pl

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Convert Panasonic AVCHD to FCP X without AVCCAM Importer Pl

Postby brorm2tsmac » Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:51 am

Panasonic made good on their promise to create a plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7 that allows direct importing of Panasonic’s AVCCAM format (a Panasonic flavour of AVCHD) into Final Cut Pro 7. It also allows you to view and play the files directly using Quicktime in the Finder.

Previously, to work in Final Cut Pro 7 with the AVCHD files that Panasonic video cameras create, you would have to use the Log and Transfer function, which would transcode the video into ProRes 422. Now you can natively work with the files without transcoding.

You can free download the plug-in, but if you do own a Panasonic AVCCAM camera, you can also register your camera and sign up for Panasonic’s P2 Asset Support System (PASS) and get regular updates on new drivers, firmware, and plug ins. AVCCAM Importer for Mac requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 or better (but not including FCP X).

Thanks to the AVCCAM Importer plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7 that it helps you eliminates the need to convert AVCHD files before editing in Final Cut Pro 7. But there’s still some limitation that this attractive program doesn’t include FCP X and the Final Cut Pro version should be limited to 7.0.3 or better. Thus, when you wanna import AVCHD files to FCP X or older than 7.0.3 version, you still have to convert/transcode the AVCHD files into ProRes 422 for FCP X primarily.

For more information please refer to: convert/transcode AVCHD to FCP X without AVCCAM Importer plug-in support

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