Canvas different on real device?

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Canvas different on real device?

Postby chris.tucket » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:19 pm

Should there be any difference between a canvas on the emulator and a canvas on a real device (HTC Incredible)?

On my canvas for the emulator I have this:
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canvas.drawRect(x*cell_size + 1, y*cell_size + 1, x*cell_size+cell_size, y*cell_size+cell_size, pWalls);

and it works and looks fine but on my real device, I have to subtract 1 from the bottom/right params to get it not to overlap the lines around it. Why is there this difference?

Also on my real device, it doesn't show the line at (0,0) to (width,0) and I don't understand why not either.

Sort of off topic question but: Lets say I want to put my game on a different bitmap/canvas to double buffer it sort of, how would I do that?
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