Android breaks down the wall of 1.5 million activations per

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Android breaks down the wall of 1.5 million activations per

Postby teresal » Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:16 am

Do not wait the news regarding Google: in fact, the Mountain View giant can celebrate the latest news related to its operating system, namely Android.
Over the last few hours, in fact, came a major update of a story where the protagonist is the house of Mountain View: in fact within the Google Play Store was knocked down a record 50 million apps downloaded.
To give confirmation of the achievement of this goal was the co-founder of Google brand, or Lerry Page, during a meeting that occurred during the week that has just passed.
However, the same Page then decided to release the entire speech confirmation reached the finish line, by publishing it directly on your Google+ profile inside.
Page has done nothing that confirms the great growing trend of mobile devices with the facebook operating system, it seems to 1.5 million activations that occur each day, with a total figure amounts to more than 900 million mobile devices in 'entire planet.
A truly global reach at an impressive rate than the operating system Android, which certainly leaves much assured the leaders of the brand in Mountain View for the foreseeable future.
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