2D Graphics FPS problem

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2D Graphics FPS problem

Postby randomcracker » Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:29 pm

Hi, I can't really say I'm new to programming but I guess I'm pretty new to Game programming on Android. I have a problem drawing the screen. I have 60-200 FPS but I can still see alot of, for lack of a better word, lagg. I use the tutorialcode from droidnova(originally from lunarlander). My onDraw() function finishes in 10-20 ms which seems to me to be pretty great. I use a 2d int array to draw a 2 dimensional map. onDraw() loops through the array and draws an image according to the value it finds. I have optimized it so that it never draws more than the screen can hold and yet I still see the background cut through when I move the 'View'.
I would really appreciate some solution to this and also any other good tips for gameprogramming ^^. thanks! :)
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