1024x1024 Textures on the G1 slowdowns

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1024x1024 Textures on the G1 slowdowns

Postby impi » Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:29 pm

Hey guys :)

For performance i want to minimize my glBindTexture calls, and the usual approach for this to pack multiple textures in big atlas textures.

So i did this. And surprisingly my performance was WAY slower, then i just made more 512x512 TextureAtlas groups and it runs like a charm, but i don't have that many textures for now, that will change if i add more effects and more eye candy to the game.

So it seems, that an 1024x1024 texture on the G1 is slower than 4x 512x512 textures, and i wonder why ? The Motorola Milestone can handly this without any problems. Well it's an newer phone, but the OpenGL spec says 1024x1024 texture should be supported.

So my question is now, do you have similar problems with large textures on the G1, or did i made something wrong ?

And another question, has the Desire or the Nexus One support for textures larger than 1024x1024 ? So that i can have this in mind for my texture generation.
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