persistence custom GUI for tablet

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persistence custom GUI for tablet

Postby greetingandroid » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:37 pm

I own an android 4.0.3 tablet and I program in Java/SDK, still not tried NDK.
Now suppose this use case that you want to program this tablet to put it in a service point, with a single use case, like a restaurant, where it would show menu and let the user pass them. I would like to not to let the user to shut down this software so it must persist. Also, it must automatically runs at tablet start up and persisnts on, i.e. if it shuts down by some reason, the tablet should not go back to its standard GUI but to restart this application and represent its GUI.

I don't know any start point for this, like some keywords etc., even, to google. I imagine that here I must code a service (that maintains the persistence and startup of the application) and the application itself.

Could you please give some ideas / keywords / potential start points / comments /tutorial links?

Thank you in advance,
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