Performance++ View.findViewById() vs Activity.findViewById()

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Performance++ View.findViewById() vs Activity.findViewById()

Postby plusminus » Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:07 am

Performance++ View.findViewById() vs Activity.findViewById()

This is how you can speed up the loadingspeed of your application, as Activity's [font=Courier New]findViewByID[/font], like you probably used it up to now, is not that fast as you think. As you know the Android Layout-Structure is hierarchical (just like HTML and XML) and therefore the easiest way to represent it is a tree. The effect is bigger, as your layout gets more complex :!:

Simpliefied Example Layout for this tutorial:
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  1. <LinearLayout>
  2.      <LinearLayout id="@+id/layout_outer">
  3.            <TextView id="@+id/tv_inner_1"/>
  4.            <TextView id="@+id/tv_inner_2"/>
  5.      </LinearLayout>
  6. </LinearLayout>
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So if you do the following :darrow: the Android-Runtime has to traverse the whole layout-tree every time you call findViewById (of your Activity). The better way is to call myView.findViewById when you habe nested a nested layout.

So, getting the both TextViews of the both TextViews from the example before worked like this:
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  1. TextView tv_inner_1 = (TextView)this.findViewById(;
  2. TextView tv_inner_2 = (TextView)this.findViewById(;
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Where the following is the faster way:
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  1. View layout_outer = this.findViewById(;
  2. TextView tv_inner_1 = (TextView)layout_outer.findViewById(;
  3. TextView tv_inner_2 = (TextView)layout_outer.findViewById(;
Parsed in 0.010 seconds, using GeSHi

Thats it :)

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Postby a.fisher » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:46 am

Doing it this way gives you another findViewById and instantiates a field for layot_outer. Does this impact optimization at all?
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Postby divestoclimb » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:14 pm

I only timed my app once using each method, but there's definitely some merit to this. My activity has three tabs and lots of views, so I expected some improvement.

Calling only Activity.findViewById: activity launches in ~4000ms according to adb logcat
Calling findViewById methods of parent views: activity launches in ~2400ms

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little help

Postby brccabral » Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:30 am

could you look at this problem?
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